Ceramic and Hydrophobic Auto Treatment

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Vehicle parts on Which You Can Use the Hydrophobic Coating

You can use the hydrophobic coatings on almost all parts of your vehicle. Such components include;

  • The windshield; It prevents the raindrops from clinging to the glass
  • The paint: The spray coating prevents the paint from fading as a result of the harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Car seat: Use specially formulated coating to protect your car seats from stains
  • Interior of your car
  • The dashboard
  • Wheels
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Won’t the constant washing and waxing of your vehicle make it look as good as new? Make your efforts worthwhile by investing in a hydrophobic coating for your car. The spray will help you deal with most of your vehicle’s interior and exterior challenges. Such issues range from swirl marks, stains, and fading paint.

Besides, the hydrophobic coating will protect your car from harsh environmental conditions while making easy your wash days. You can use the hydrophobic coating on the different parts of your vehicle.


What is car hydrophobic coating?

Hydrophobic is part of nano-coating technology which was established to you protect the interior and exterior of your automotive. The system is also efficient in safeguarding aerospace, marine and furniture surfaces.

The coating is highly resistant to extreme temperatures, abrasion, and corrosion hence giving your car a spectacular shine. The hydrophobic coating rates as the best protection technology.

Since your car is a hard substrate, application of the coating forms a durable protective barrier which is resistant to abrasion. Thanks to its bonding features, the coating creates a hard, flexible, thin, transparent coat.


How does the Hydrophobic Coating work?

This nano-coating technology has both hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties. Applying the coating on your vehicle will create a beautiful visual effect. Consequently, your car will resist any scratch and abrasion.


The coating is hydrophilic hence will absorb water while encapsulating any dust or debris on your car’s surface. Additionally, the hydrophobic feature will repel the combination of water and dirt thus making the car self-cleaning. Your car ends up with beautiful paintwork.

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Are you searching for a lasting water resistant solution for the different parts of your car? Look no further; the Scorpion CMX line of hydrophobic coating will provide your vehicle with intense shine, paint protection, and chemical resistance. However, choose the type of spray suited for your specific car needs.  

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