How does Scorpion Repel work?

Scorpion Repel is a special, extremely hi-tech coating technology that is based on specially formulated colloidal sol gel materials that self-assemble into a mono-layer surface structure. The use of this wet chemical technology makes is a simple, low tech application process. Just wipe it on and it dries clear.

The material bonds to the surface of the glass and the coating will self-assemble into an ultra-thin coating layer. The final coating layer thickness is in the Nano scale, and completely clear & invisible. The mono-layer structure gives the glass an extremely durable and super-hydrophobic effect. Being scratch resistance and dust reducing are added benefits to this amazing product.

This is a permanent coating. It is completely invisible and cannot be removed by water, chemical/ cleaning agents or with high pressure water. The extremely thin coating results in the lowest consumption rate (and therefore cost effectiveness) on the market. It can cover 400 M2 per 1-Liter.