Distinguishing the Myths from Facts about Ceramic Coating

Bird droppings, tree gum, and naturally acidic contaminants can all damage your car paint. One of the surest ways to keep your car looking shiny and newer a bit longer is installing ceramic coating on your car. You can think of ceramic coatings as an extra layer of skin on top of your paint.

If you’ve caught wind about the benefits associated with ceramic coating and are considering having it installed, you need to know what kinds of expectations to have. There are a lot of misconceptions about the kind of protection offered by this additional layer, so it’s only right that you familiarize yourself with the truths, half-truths, and downright lies beforehand. The following are the 5 commonest myths about ceramic coatings:

1. They are scratch proof

Many suppliers and detailers exaggerate the scratch resistance of ceramic coatings. Some even go as far as calling these types of coatings scratch-proof or resistant to rock chips. This isn’t true. It’s true that ceramic coatings can resist small scratches and help against minor incidents that would otherwise blight your car’s surface. However, they are not flexible or solid enough to defend surfaces against intentional scratching or to absorb the impact of a rock hitting the surface at high speed.

2. They don’t require maintenance

Another misconception is that cars coated in ceramic coating do not require maintenance or washing. It’s true that the coating does significantly cut down the amount of maintenance and washing. However, it doesn’t totally eradicate the need for it.

Even with the coating, your car will gradually get dirtier and will still need to be washed – only that you’ll only have to wash it less frequently and without much effort. The benefit with a ceramic coating is that it eliminates the need for waxing every now and then, saving you some serious cash over the course of the ceramic coatings lifespan.

3. They are permanent

The truth is, ceramic coatings are semi-permanent, not permanent. These kinds of coatings bond with the surface and treat it into a rigid and shiny sacrificial layer. This means that you will not have to apply a new coat every other month to sustain that glossy surface.  With a high quality product and proper application, the coating can last up to 3 years.

4. They are super easy to apply

It’s true that new DIY kits have become readily available, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the application process is super easy. Before applying a ceramic coating, you have to ensure that the surface is clean and blemish-free. This could mean washing, claying, and buffing. It’s also important to carry out any paint restoration prior to applying the coating.

The minor investment, especially from a DIY viewpoint, makes a ceramic coating a worthy investment. If you have a high end vehicle, however, a professional application is worth considering. The upfront cost will certainly pay for itself in savings in less than a few months.