What do Ceramic Coatings Offer

Truth versus Myths


The amount of things in our environment that will damage the paint on your vehicle is large.  From natural weather factors to environmental factors, all these things work against your in keeping your car or truck looking new and fresh.  

Let’s start with the weather.  Ice and snow means there is salt on the road and  lots of grime.  Driving in this weather, the grime will accumulate on and work on the paint in a negative way.  Of course, where you live greatly impacts the weather effect.  If you live in south Florida, I doubt you see much snow and ice, but you do see extremely harsh UV rays that beat on your paint job relentlessly.  


So many other things work against your efforts to keep the paint job in pristine condition.  

  • Bird droppings
  • Tree sap
  • rock chips


A ceramic coating can combat these factors and keep that new shine.  Think of a ceramic coating as one extra layer of protection.  It is invisible and the untrained eye will never know that it is there.  


Up front, I want to tell you that a ceramic coating is not the end all for protection.  Significant and intentional scratches will not be stopped.  If you have the slightly crazy ex-partner that is stalking you and looking to do damage, when they run a key down the side of the car, it will not stop that attack.  Hopefully, your life is free and clear of this type of drama, but just in case……

The CMX Ceramic Coating from Scorpion will help with small scratches and minor rock bumps and other minor contacts.  

Maintenance Not Required………Sort of


Ceramic Coatings greatly reduce the need for washing.  It does not totally eliminate the need for washing though.  It will stay shining longer and keep the appearance of a fresh wax look.  A simple spray car wash is all that is necessary.  No need for waxing.  This over time saves money and time.   The bottom line, the maintenance is significantly less but does still require some minimal work.  Nothing that a few quarters at the carwash won’t solve.  

Is it an easy process? 


DIY ceramic coating kits and maintenance sprays have made this process easier.  There are different levels of ceramic coatings like with many products.  The top of the line products should be applied by professionals because they require a vast amount of paint correction before the application and the surface should be in pristine condition.  From washing, claying, and buffing the paint restoration process should be done in full before a ceramic coating is applied.  This will ensure use get the best performance from your ceramic coating.    


Is it worth it? 


YES!!  The cost for a ceramic coating is typically on the affordable side of the price spectrum.  For those older, classic vehicles that have years of paint degradation, it will take more paint correction work to prep the surface.  The long term benefit is well worth it.  Your paint will reap the benefit of your investment.  Give us a shout and let us tell you more about the Scorpion CMX Ceramic Coatings.