Ceramic coating is the new up-and-coming innovation that is sweeping the car industry like never before. Many have claimed that it is the solution for a truly flawless paint job. It will mean any car’s paint will resist more damage and it is even said to be better than waxing and polishing. But how true are all these claims? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out more about what ceramic coating really is.


What is the ceramic coating?


Ceramic coating is a type of chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of a car in order to protect its paint job from damage. The coating is applied by hand and it blends seamlessly with the car’s paint job in order to create an additional layer of protection that is resistant to water. Essentially, ceramic coating is like tempered glass that many people install on their smartphones to prevent the original glass from getting any scratches.


The thing is, ceramic coating can also help prevents stains, dirt, and grime from sticking to the car. Others have claimed that it is the best alternative to a clear bra and better than waxing.


Ceramic coating is also called nano-ceramic coating. The microscopic particles that make up the chemical compound are very hard to break up so normal conditions like rain or sun don’t cause it to degrade over time.




  • Protection from UV rays


Many people will opt for a high roofing cost just for the extra protection against the harmful rays of the sun. The same goes for ceramic coating. One of the biggest causes of damage to vehicle paint jobs is due to exposure to the sun. Ceramic coating can prevent paint from oxidizing and then fading. This is essential if your car is always parked outside.


  • Against chemical stains


Ceramic coating can be an excellent way to protect your car’s paint from acidic pollutants present in the air which is another way for your car to get damaged. It protects such contaminants from bonding into the paint and making it appear duller.


  • Hydrophobic


As the term suggests, ceramic coating is resistant to water which makes cleaning very easy. A pain point for any car owner is the need to dry their vehicle immediately after washing to prevent watermarks. This is not the case when the vehicle is applied with ceramic coating. Not only that, all water-based grime and dirt will easily bead on the surface and quickly slide off.


  • Beautiful gloss


But the main selling point for ceramic coating is its beautiful candy-like finish. It will put an extra level of shine into your car’s paint job and will keep it looking new and vibrant for longer.





While ceramic coating might seem like the one product that will solve all your car issues, it does have a few limitations. For one thing, It will not protect the car’s paint job from swirl marks and scratches. It is not also the best solution to combat water spotting. While water beads and slides off, it contains natural minerals that stay on the surface after the water evaporates. And finally, getting a ceramic coating won’t mean having to visit a car wash again.





So is ceramic coating worth it? The short answer is yes. Any type of added protection is always preferable to merely relying on regular paint, especially for the more expensive and luxurious cars. It will keep the beauty of your car for longer and it will mean less time spent in detailing shops just to restore its original vibrancies.


NOTE: this article was written by Scorpion guest blogger Lilly Brooks.

Lily Brooks is a passionate blogger and frequent traveler who writes about home improvement, travel and the latest trends in emerging technologies. She is currently working with EyeSpySupply, the leading spy shop, which offers a wide range of surveillance equipment.