Road Map to Success and Sustainability


  • Hatch the idea
  • Lay the plan
  • Action
  • Success and failure

Did you stick to your roadmap?  How many curves did you encounter at the start of the path?  Funny how the path starts out with a bright shiny penny at the end, but very often there are curves, turns, 360’s, and maybe even a derailment along the way before you get to the penny.  


That chase is fun and nerve racking for the person that is ultimately responsible. 

For Scorpion Protective Coatings, a truck bed liner installer back in the mid 90’s, that didn’t seem like it was best direction to go.  At that time, they were installing a customer liner formulation that no-one else had and rather than installing truck bed liners everyday, it seemed to make more sense to brand the product and develop a dealership base on installers.   Those choices back in the day led Scorpion to become a nationally known brand in the automotive accessories market and the creation of a the Scorpion Window Film brand.


For the person that is responsible for signing the check every week, they bear the burden of responsibility.  Some people relish in that while others wouldn’t touch it with a 20 foot pole.  I have respect and admiration for  those that relish in that.  


I love the creative process that leads to the hatching of a business concept.  In a world driven by technology and instant knowledge, this opens so many doors.  Factor in a 24 hour a day news cycle and people know what is happening as it happens.  


That Million Dollar Idea


Lives change with simple ideas.  BUT, ideas alone do not change lives.  Action changes lives.  Ideas are born hourly, but most die within the same hour.  It takes the follow through and action to put the plan in place and carry out the idea.  At this point in our world, ( minus the time of the COVID-19 pandemic)  who hasn’t ridden in an Uber?   When Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick hatched the idea of a ride sharing app that would overtake taxi cabs and become a 100 Billion dollar enterprise today???? 


It isn’t easy, you have to want it.  I am willing to bet that if you ask any CEO or company founder, you will hear horror stories of the stress they have put themselves through along the path to success.  Whether strong economic conditions or a global pandemic that we are experiencing here in 2020, they are the ones that “the buck stops with them”.  They are the once that carry the burden and must be determined to preserve through the good and the bad.

Action produces results.  Good or bad!  With no action, there can’t be progress.  


Hats off to those that put themselves out there with an idea and some passion.   If you don’t pursue the idea, nothing is going to happen.  I try to put myself in the shoes of those who have taken the leap of faith and get scared.  I want to own and run my own bar someday.  The opportunity hasn’t presented itself as of yet, but it will and when it does, I will take the leap!