Business During COVID

How is social distancing effecting your business?

It is fascinating to me to think back to early March of 2020, I was sitting in a hotel room in South Carolina on Thursday March 5th when I was wrapping up a busy day of travel for business.  I received a phone call from my mother and she was slightly panicked and told me that COVID-19 was going to change our lives.


I blew her off, said that this is the United States, we won’t let this happen here.  We are too smart to let this happen.


I sit at this computer 8+ months later and it is still a part of lives! ( More so for me now more than ever as I and my family are currently in quarantine awaiting test results for COVID.)

The Scorpion Truck Bed Liners and Window Film offices stayed open throughout this entire process.  I worked everyday along with a 3 other employees that were together from the beginning.

Thinking about the state of affairs in the United States during late March, April, and May….I am fascinated by consumers and our customers during this time.  We stayed busy throughout these unprecedented times.

When I think about my family and how we navigated during the early days of the COVID pandemic, and where are priorities were…..toilet paper and hand Lysol…..just kidding.  We did not hoard supplies.

I think the best compliment to Scorpion is that during this time, consumers and customers still put our products in demand.  Coatings, truck bed liners, window film, ceramic coatings were all demand.  Consumers wanted accessories, manufactures needed supplies, so installers and applicators needed product.

Much like I consider the fact that EMS and fire truck manufactures use our products on their equipment, a h

igh demand for our products during a world wide pandemic is a testament to the quality.

What does it mean?

Nothing, we are a family owned business with strong partnerships with our customers.  We continue to be there for our partners looking for ways to help them grow their business and provide top of the line products to their consumers.  If you want to learn more about all the products Scorpion offers, give us a call.  (800) 483-9087