Body Shop Essentials

When you own a body shop, you deal with people everyday with varying attachment to their vehicles. Obviously everyone wants you to build a safer car, but you’re also trying to improve upon what they already have. Your customers appreciate what you can do for them, and bed liners are effective body shop essentials to make them happier.  Scorpion understands how truck owners think and what they want. With people keeping their older trucks out of sentiment and practicality, there are more reasons than ever to accommodate what they need. We’ll explain which types of businesses need to stock which types of kits for better operation efficiency, and ultimately happier customers.

Getting Down and Dirty

There’s nothing better than seeing someone who appreciates their truck to the fullest. Those who love their powerful rides know how satisfying it can be to get out and get dirty. Truck bed liners protect, even in the tightest corners of the truck. Our spray bed liner kits can help you make it happen without the fuss. The kits come with all the components to make sure that the protective coatings are easy to put on — even on the first try. Scorpion is the leader in protection, and our goal is to keep trucks looking like new for as long as possible. The polyurea spray coating in bed liner kits are meant to handle whatever the owner can dish out, and work better than drop-in liners that do not guarantee to fend off moisture which can cause rust to the inside of the bed.

Starting Up

A start-up package is generally recommended for a typical body shop, and there are several X02 spray bed liner kits for your convenience. These can be used for a variety of purposes, but were originally created to be the durable solution that bedliners needed to operate correctly. Scorpion has a 2 gallon kit that can handle most of the standard jobs. Inexpensive, small and simple to apply, the 2 gallon kits can ensure you can do more with your applicator. It’s perfect for busy shops who may only get a few requests for bedliners. All of the measuring has been done for you, and you’ll enjoy more versatility when it comes to doing a variety of jobs. It’s especially handy if you have a one-time procedure, so you won’t have to keep products on hand that you rarely need. These spray bed liner kits include the pump sprayer, black tint and adhesion promoter, and come in sizes of 2, 6, 12, 24 and 36 gallon packs.

For the Bigger Stuff

For those who need the applicator for more jobs throughout the day, choose the 45 gallon kit. The 45 can cover 16 trucks, which will be a relief to the busy body shop owner. You already know that shipping and materials add up fast, and these kits actually lower the average price per square foot. Just like buying in bulk at a shopping warehouse can save you money on food and home goods, this is an excellent way for body shops doing lots of business to give them a break on their budgets. For those who need maximum protection for trucks that are involved in huge projects, there are large volume kits that can handle even the toughest abuse. With kits from 99 to 900 gallons, there’s are options available to you.

Scorpion Pride

You already know that you have to make an impression on your customers for them to keep coming back. We have the exact same standards. We learn our trucks and keep up on what our direct and indirect customers want. You’ll see how well our products holds up over time, and so will your valuable customers. From conception to execution, we test and retest our kits in a variety of scenarios, and make improvements or adjustments as needed. We move with the changing pace of business today, so give us a call for more information on these body shop essentials!