Scorpion has never been a company that is scared of competition. For better or worse – we know that our competitors call our dealers, applicators, and installers every day in hopes of getting them to switch. We do not necessarily like this practice, but we have confidence enough in our products and our system that our customers will continue to buy from us.

All of that being said – we have been contacted by applicators or prospective buyers who have unfortunately gotten involved in a scam perpetrated by a (amongst various other names). In this scam they attempt to get you to buy a large amount of material under the promise of a current contract (fleet, large project) or of lead generation. After you buy in, they push you off, or worse, their number is disconnected. This is the same type of scam that has happened in the body shop world over the last few years under the same set-up.

If anyone contacts you and promises you the world, make sure and let your attorney general (in you r respective state) know. Scorpion will assist you in these matters whenever possible, but it is ultimately up to you to make sure that you get all the information you possibly can before you make a decision. Whether it is another polyurea cartridge manufacturer trying to woo your business with incomplete information or a scam artist trying to steal your money, make sure you completely understand what you are buying before you give them that credit card.

On the truck bed liner side, we put your contact information up on our dealer locater for consumers to find you if they want to get their truck bed sprayed. If you would prefer not to have your information out there, please contact us at with your company name and state and we will have it taken down right away.

As always, Scorpion thanks you for your continued business and if you ever have any questions about our products or a competitor’s products – feel free to contact us and ask us about it. Hopefully you know that we will give you an honest assessment of the situation from our perspective.