For all the truck owners out there in need of a bed liner, there are basically two options to choose from: drop in bed liners and spray on bed liners.  Of course you’s expect us to tell you that our spray on liner is better – but this really is true! Here’s why:

Spray on Bed Liners Fit Any Truck

Drop in bed liners are only available in specific bed sizes – this is because they’re prefabricated for certain types of trucks. So, if you have an older truck or one that’s custom built, it will be difficult for you to find a drop in liner that truly fits.  Scorpion’s X02 spray on bed liner works for any truck bed, regardless of shape or size!

No Risk of Shifting

A drop in liner can easily come loose over time and shift as you drive, which can bad news for your truck bed.  A shifting liner could scratch your truck bed and even start doing a number to the paint job. Also, once your bed liner begins to shift, there will be a gap between your liner and your bed. This gap will allow water and debris to settle in, which could cause your truck bed to rust.

This defeats the purpose of getting a truck bed liner in the first place.  Since Scorpion spray on bed liner adheres directly to the surface of your truck bed, the risk of rust and other damage is completely eliminated.

Spray on Truck Bed Liners Offer More Options

Traditionally, drop in liners are only available in black. Our spray on liner, on the other hand, is available in a wide array of colors and textures. Oh, and unlike drop in’s, our spray on liner contains UV Color Stability, which means, the color will not fade over time!  A drop in bedliner will need to be replaced more than once, whereas Scorpion offers a lifetime warranty.

Spray on bed liners provide long lasting benefits far superior to their drop in counterparts. Contact us for more information on truck bed liner options, as well as for advice on which bed liner option may be best for you!