Automotive Accessories: Benefits of a Ceramic Coatings

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Ceramic Coating Protect Your Auto

Ceramic coatings are the newest advancement in paint protection technology.  Different from other protection products and waxes, the ceramic coating attaches permanently to the substrate.  

Utilizing this technology, the coating fills the gaps in paint to create a smooth, hydrophobic surface.  Once the surface has been coated, it provides a protective barrier to the road grime, debris, bird droppings, and other dirt.  This barrier blocks all these elements from ever touching the paint.

This same technology can be applied to the wheels on your automobile.  Whether they are high dollar aftermarket upgrades or standard factory wheels, a ceramic coating will provide a barrier to the negative elements.  Aside from the heat resistance properties, brake dust can be very damaging to wheels. You will reap the benefits of being easier to clear, cleaner longer, and a long lasting shine.  


The wheels of your vehicle are subject to some of the harshest wear and tear on the car.  Rocks, gravel, and other debris are constantly attaching the wheels. Again, with a perfect smooth surface, water will not stay on a hydrophobic surface.  

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