Benefits and Uses of Heavy-Duty Protective Coatings

You’ve dreamed of building that beautiful wood deck for backyard barbeques or for some relaxing Saturdays in the sun. Finally, you’ve done it; the last nail is in place, and all it needs are a couple of lounge chairs and some peace and quiet—but not so fast. Actually, you’re not done until you’ve protected your hard work and investment from the damaging effects of wind, rain, sun, and unforeseen spills and accidents. Just as protective coatings play a vital role in the industrial world, home deck, patio, dock, and concrete walkway coatings are equally important in our everyday lives.

Learn more about the different kinds of protective coatings and their benefits, whether for industrial and marine, or home and auto use.

Marine Coatings for Boats and Ramps

If your leisure time is more often spent on the water than in the backyard, your investment in that sweet cabin cruiser or bass boat needs protection to survive the onslaught of salt or fresh water, not to mention oil, grease, mold, mildew, and destructive marine life. Manufacturers and boat builders use tough marine coatings for boats and ramps, like the ones made by Scorpion Coatings. Whether you are a leisure-time boater or you conduct business in a marine setting, you should be able to rely on tough, exterior coatings that protect any surface, including wood, metals, and fiberglass.

Marine coatings must be non-skid to ensure safety for boat decks, ramps, platforms, and anywhere pedestrian traffic may encounter wet, slippery surfaces. These polyurethane-based coatings work to prevent splintering, dangerous sharp edges, and destructive rust due to corrosion. They offer UV protection and are free of harmful odors and compounds, making them safe for children and pets.

Your personal or commercial boat needs a spray-on marine coating, especially if it endures harsh conditions of cold, icy winters. Once the surface is compromised by abrasion or impact damage from ice, your vessel is subject to sea water corrosion and rust. Rust, in turn, causes drag, which leads to increased gas usage. The right marine coating can increase speed by up to 20%, saving as much as 12% on fuel. Are you a DIY fanatic? If so, you may be the right candidate for a do-it-yourself approach. If not, consider using a professional to properly prep the boat bottom, removing old, possibly hazardous paint and other materials, prior to applying the new coating.1

Commercial/OEM and Industrial Coatings

Spray-on commercial/OEM and industrial coatings, especially those used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), must meet rigorous standards of durability and stand up to heavy-duty use. Each industrial or commercial setting, however, has specialized needs that should be matched by the coating used in that environment.

Today, top providers of home, auto, and commercial coatings have formulated specialized products for practically every industrial need, including:

    • Fire retardant – This is applied to fire and rescue vehicles, as well as aircraft interiors and storage tanks. The self-extinguishing additive in Scorpion’s product exceeds FAA standards, helping to reduce risk to emergency vehicles, an important safety feature in fires and natural disasters.

    • Zero biological growth – This uses a formula that is low in free carbons, adding an EPA-approved element to create the ideal barrier against bacteria, mildew, and mold. Unwanted biological growth may spread when free carbon is present. Ambulances and public shower facilities, such as those used in laboratories, rely on this coating formula to control dangerous biological contamination.
    • Green formulation – This is ideal for coating aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and steel. This product uses a hybrid blend of natural oil polymers for reduced long-term environmental impact.

Home Deck, Patio, Dock, and Concrete Walkway Coatings

Your family’s safety and comfort may depend on the right home deck, patio, dock, and concrete walkway coatings. The same product used to protect truck beds and commercial surfaces is available for residential application in easy-to-use formats, all made without dangerous volatile organic compounds (known as VOCs). Depending on your needs and comfort level, you can apply coatings with as simple a method as a paint brush or roller, an electric gun, or a gravity-fed pneumatic hopper gun—a good choice for tackling larger areas.

Choose a formulation that includes different texture options to reduce slipping danger—a great feature on stairs or walkways, as well as on decks and patios, whether your surface is wood, concrete, fiberglass, or metal. Coatings come in a choice of colors or in clear versions. They offer the advantage of longer wear under almost any conditions, unlike paint or varnish. Scorpion residential products have a 10-year warranty and are reported to last up to 20 years.

Truck Bed Liners

You expect your truck to be reliable for work or for play, to stand by you in the toughest circumstances and under heavy-duty use. Besides regular tune-ups, oil changes, and new tires, applying one of the best truck bed liners available is among the most important steps an owner can take to ensure a truck’s long, useful life. Dropping in a load of bricks or other rough materials could leave an unprotected surface pitted and scratched, and highly vulnerable to corrosion. The beat-up look of a heavily scratched truck bed might convey the image of hard work, but, unfortunately, it will also decrease the truck’s value when you decide to sell or trade it in.

A spray-on polyurethane coating, like the one popularized by Scorpion, is resistant to rust and moisture, and will not fade with sun exposure. Unlike drop-in truck bed liners that can leave moisture-attracting gaps and holes, a spray-on coating is virtually impenetrable, extending the truck’s life and preserving its value.

Truck styles are as varied as the personalities of their owners. Your taste may lean to a neon yellow truck bed interior, or to a colorless coating for a more workmanlike, subtle look. Depending on how you use your truck, you might choose a textured surface to help keep cargo in place, or a glass-smooth surface to make removal of heavy loads a breeze—it’s all up to you. DIY and truck enthusiasts can buy the coatings and applicator equipment online, or avoid the learning curve and clean-up hassle by hiring a professional, authorized local applicator to do the job.

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Benefits and Uses of Heavy-Duty Protective Coatings

Benefits and Uses of Heavy-Duty Protective Coatings