It’s human nature to make spur of the moment decisions that often seem like they can’t be avoided. We’re programmed to see how things are now rather than what they could be later. You might treat your truck as if you’ll have it forever, but chances are you won’t. While you may think that you’d prefer to run it into the ground, it might be worth a shot to preserve the truck for yourself and the next owner. It’s not only nice, but often necessary to put some real love into trucks in order to get more out of them when you sell. Just like you as an owner might not see the potential of the truck’s resale value during the first year you own it, the prospective buyer won’t see the potential underneath the layers of grime and possible major damage to your truck.

Keeping the Dirt Out

When you have a truck, part of the fun is taking it to adventurous places and testing out its capabilities. Experimenting with how fast you can take a turn is often as fun as the moment you find the answer. The downside of this is that you can muck up the bed of your truck pretty fast. This stuff might not just wipe away either, but rather, eat away at the paint and ultimately meld into the very fiber of the truck. If you’re not used to taking your truck to the car wash every few days, truck bedliners provide a strong coating designed to withstand whatever you might throw at it. The polyurethane spray in the liners isn’t just a wimpy screen, but a true shield that was built for someone like you in mind. Scorpion only works with the strongest products to improve resale value for everyone we work with, so your truck can stay like new longer than you could have imagine.

DSC_0076Prevents Scratches and Damage

Truck bedliners aren’t magical, but they can prevent a lot of moderate to extreme wear and tear your truck will experience. It doesn’t mean that you can crash the back of your truck into a wall, but it does mean that you can load and unload cargo without worrying about being careful. Just one outing with a truck can destroy the paint job in the bed. If you choose to get a drop-in bedliner, this can often open up your truck to moisture, which inevitably can lead to rust on the interior. Even a very small gap in a drop-in can cause lasting damage that can make it easy for a buyer to pass on your truck.

Cash for Liners

With an aftermarket coating, you can get about $50 to $100 extra on average just for its sheer existence, though some have seen up to a $400 return according to the NADA guide. Not to mention the fact a pristine truck will obviously sell for more than one with paint or body damage. For a decision that you’ll get a lot of use out of yourself, it’s not a bad investment.Scorpion Bed Liners

The Scorpion Promise

We lead the way when it comes to bedliners, and we ensure that all of our products are designed to give back to the customer. For those who love their trucks, there’s nothing better than buying something that will keep it from harm. For those who love making a mess, there’s nothing better than knowing that you’ll still be able to sell it later on for a promising price. Our products are still functional years later, as opposed to inferior bedliners that can wear after time. If you’re looking for truck bedliners to improve resale value of your truck, then give us a call today!