Upgrading Your Car Audio Speakers and Cabinets 

One of the best ways to upgrade your car’s stereo system and to achieve the best sound possible is to add a subwoofer and amplifier. A subwoofer can achieve much higher and deeper volumes than normal speakers. Externally amplifying your cabin speaker will allow you to turn your music up higher and will help your speakers perform better at lower volumes.


Your subwoofer speaker should paired with a suitable amp for the best possible sound. When purchasing a subwoofer, you’ll have several choices:


Buy the or build the box separately from the speaker – You have more flexibility and can fit the sub to your car. Your driver should have recommended box specs. So, make sure that your box meets your driver size.


Go with a ready-made subwoofer that is already fitted to a box – This drop-in solution is easy and fuss-free.


When choosing a driver or subwoofer, one of the things you’ll want to keep in mind is its power rating. Choose an amplifier with at least as much power output as the power rating of the driver. As far as wattage goes, a 10-inch 3300-watt subwoofer is usually enough power for most people. A well-designed lower watt subwoofer and enclosure can provide stronger and better bass than a poorly design higher watt sub.


Subwoofer Cabinets and Enclosures


You have several choices when it comes to choosing a subwoofer cabinet or enclosure. There are three types of cabinet, a ported, sealed or band pass.


Ported cabinet – This type of enclosure features a tiny porthole that allows sound to escape. These cabinets result in a louder sound, although the accuracy is not as great.


Sealed boxes- These produce the highest-quality sound. These airtight enclosures provide the best quality bass. However, they are less efficient. This means that you won’t get the same volume as you would with a ported cabinet.


Bandpass boxes – Probably the most versatile of the three, bandpass boxes combine a ported cabinet with a sealed box. This results in loud, high-quality sound.


No matter which style of cabinet that you choose, you must ensure that it will fit within your car. It is important to measure and select the right box for your space.


The final thing that you’ll want to do to upgrade your audio is to coat your subwoofer cabinets with truck bed liner. A truck bed liner makes a very nice finish for subwoofer cabinets. It will give your cabinet a solid, textured look. Bed liner also helps improve its durability and provides protection. This ensures that your cabinet will last for years to come. This tough material is also cheap, meaning that you won’t need to spend a lot to make your speakers look nice.