Bed Liner Coverage

Truck bed liner coverage area is straight forward.

  • 6 Foot Bed = 2 Gallons
  • 8 Foot Bed  = 3 Gallons

It is not as straight forward when dealing with a unique application that you have not done before.  Also, it can get challenging when you have a considerable amount of square footage to spray.  If we take a minute and remember some basic math that we learned in elementary school, this is actually not very difficult to determine.

There are different factors that will help you determine how much material is need for a given project.  Below is some basic information that will help you figure your exact needs on material.

How much Scorpion should I use?

It’s a simple question, but with several different answers.

  1. Take the square footage of any given project and divide by 25. This will get you 1/16th inch thick product on the area.
  2. Take the square footage of any given project and divide by 50. This will get you 1/32nd inch thick product on the area.
  3. Just buy a whole bunch and hope for the best!!

All jokes aside, the thickness of the application needs to be discussed with the customer.  If a watertight seal is required, then you need to apply at least 1/16th inch.  Heavy duty use, again 1/16th inch.

For some of the lighter applications (1/32nd) you are only doing aesthetics.  This may be an exterior vehicle spray, that’s not going to see a lot of abuse or adding a thin layer for graphics/designs.  Even at 1/32nd inch you will you have some much-needed rust/corrosion protection.


As always, you can refer to the Scorpion Training Center or call of our Techs at                                                  (800) 483-9087