We always get many calls about spraying the outside of a vehicle.  Lately, it seems as though we are getting more and more of these calls.    


Commonly asked questions are:

  1. How much do I charge
  2. How much product do I need
  3. What’s the best way to spray a full exterior


You can see from the attached picture of Jeep protective coating, that this can be done on numerous vehicle types.                                                                                                              Follow Jef Franker on Instagram. 


Charging a job like this will depend on the amount of prep and the square footage for the coating as well as your labor cost/time involved.  Most applicators will not touch a full exterior application for less than $2,500.00.  You can charge more again, depending on the vehicle.


The product amount needed will be determined by square footage and what the customer is using the vehicle for.  If it is just a unique paint job the customer is asking for and the vehicle won’t see much use and abuse, you can figure a gallon will cover between 40-50 square feet per gallon.  If it is going to be heavily used and abused such as off road, hunting, and work trucks you will want to figure 20-25 square feet per gallon.


The best way to apply bed liner is based on the applicators preference.  Most will do top sections first and work their way down.  In spraying vertical surfaces, lite coats all the way around the vehicle to allow for tacking and ultimately another coat until desired thickness is achieved.


If you have any questions or need anything regarding vehicle bed liner protection, feel free to reach out to our Tech Team at Scorpion