Automotive Aftermarket Surge

Accessory and Appearance Market on the Rise

The 2012 SEMA Annual Market Reports shows that Accessory and Appearance Products combine for an astonishing 11.93 Billion Dollars of the market.  If your business currently resides in automotive segments by running a carwash, detail shop, or body shop, you are in a great position to add window film to your current product or service offerings.  Once you decide to offer window film, it is importane to consider both install location and film supplier.  When choosing your work location, you will need to designate enough space for one or two cars allowing all doors to open on the vehicle with room to work around the car.  A clean environment is also necessary for success.

When choosing a film supplier, look towards a well-established company that offers exceptional customer service, high-quality films, and excellent product warranties.  If you currently install window film or would like to learn more about the industry, you can visit our website at or call our toll free number at 1-800-483-9087.