How to Breathe Life into an Old Truck

How to Breathe New Life into an Old Truck

Truck Upgrades

You love your truck. You’ve put thousands of miles on it over the years and now it feels like a member of your family. From road trips with friends and family to quick runs to the market, your truck has been with you for all of your favorite memories. People are conditioned to think that they need to constantly buy a new set of wheels every few years, but this isn’t necessarily the case. There are a number of ways that you can breathe new life into your old truck that will have you and your ride feeling like you just drove it off the lot. Whether you decide to rebuild the engine, add a new set of rims and tires, or spray on a fresh bed liner, know that there are simple upgrades that you can make that will allow you to keep the truck you love.

Here are some ways that you can refresh your truck with new parts and equipment so that it can continue to work at the highest level.

Truck Upgrades

New Parts under the Hood

Whether you are looking to freshen up your personal vehicle or an entire fleet of trucks for commercial use, it is important to start with what is under the hood. Without a well-maintained engine, your truck will not be able to stay on the road for long. Years of wear, especially in harsh weather conditions, take their toll. Luckily, there are inexpensive ways to get aftermarket products for your truck that can make a difference.

As Popular Mechanics notes, new intake systems and air filters can open up an older engine’s inhalation system and kick up output by a few horsepower. In addition, many of these systems are available for under $200. Not only do they help your engine run smoother, they can also be used to clean out your existing systems. Continued maintenance on your truck is what is going to help extend its driving life, and a new intake system and air filters clear out the pipes and let it breathe.

In addition to these upgrades, it can also be beneficial to redo your exhaust setup. The underside of your truck can rust or become damaged over time, and a new exhaust and piping will undoubtedly help it feel young again. Painting the engine bay, exhaust pipe, and other parts helps increase visual appeal and will also make your truck look refreshed, while the new equipment under the hood gives it the energy it needs. Even if you are not an expert, you can work with professionals to install and modify your engine and other parts for far less than the cost of a new truck.

Truck Upgrades

Interior and Exterior Upgrades

Looking under the hood is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to upgrades you can make for your truck. While the most important thing is that your truck runs safely and smoothly while on the road, you can also put in new features and equipment that enhance the overall experience for you and your passengers. Electronics, fabrics, and other interior investments allow you to get more out of your truck and make it feel like you are driving something new.

Start by sitting in the driver’s seat. Is your steering wheel or dashboard faded or falling apart? Something as simple as a new cover for your steering wheel or dashboard is an inexpensive way to improve comfort and style. Make sure that your dashboard gauges and knobs work correctly, because they add to both the aesthetics and safety of the truck. When it comes to your seats, see if you can find a pair from a junkyard that are from a vehicle with fewer miles. This will result in better seats for your truck because the foam in your seats breaks down over time. Here are other easy and common ways to upgrade both the interior and exterior of your old truck:

    • Electronics – If your truck is running great, but you want to give it a new identity, you can update the electronics and entertainment systems inside to create a whole new vehicle. This can include removing the stock entertainment console and installing a new radio, or satellite radio receiver with more powerful speakers. You can also explore your options for touch displays, GPS navigation, and other features that your truck may not have currently. When it comes to interior electronics, take a look at more luxurious powered and heated seats, as well as rearview cameras and safety equipment.
    • Paint – Painting the exterior of your truck is an excellent way to make it feel new again. Over time your paint starts to chip away, and the metal pieces of the vehicle may become rusted. A fresh coat rejuvenates your truck and also gives you a chance to add your personality into the mix. Consider decals or patterns to add customized flair. In addition to painting under the hood, this applies to wheels, brakes, and the entire body kit.
    • Lights – Check all of the lights, both inside and outside your truck, to make sure they are in working order. While you are replacing bulbs to help your lights shine brighter, you can also add in new fog lights that mount to the grille or above the cab in order to increase visibility. This is perfect for the times when you are driving in low-light conditions or use your truck on a job site.
    • Bed Liner – Installing a new spray-in bed liner strengthens your truck and helps keep it looking new for years to come. The current bed of your truck takes a ton of abuse, and moisture and rust can wear down its usefulness. By putting on a new protective coating, you add more durability, as well. Rather than your gear sliding around in the back and causing problems, you are able to add traction and keep your cargo secure. This also has an impact on the fuel efficiency of your truck, which also relates to its driving life. Learn about getting a new liner for your truck from Scorpion Coatings.

Truck Upgrades

Bed Liners and Fuel Efficiency

The condition of your liner can mean the difference between a fuel-efficient truck and an engine that burns through gas. The reason for this is that the load you carry in your truck bed weighs you down and makes the engine work harder. Add in the fact that items shift around, and you can see how aerodynamics play an important role in fuel efficiency.

With a new liner in your truck, you are able to prevent larger items from sliding around, which allows you to reduce wind resistance and improve fuel efficiency. As you look for ways to breathe new life into your old truck, a bed liner will go a long way toward helping you reach your goal. Business Fleet has additional tips and tricks for maximizing fuel efficiency in older trucks, such as overcompensating on oil changes and upgrading your exhaust system.

Truck Upgrades

Other ways to keep your engine efficient in your truck is to use synthetic oil, which allows your engine to work with less friction in places where there are temperature concerns during the summer and winter months. You should also routinely inspect your tires and check the tire pressure to keep them inflated at recommended levels. Overinflated or underinflated tires have an effect on fuel efficiency and can lead to problems with your engine.

When you are driving an older truck, you want to do everything you can to keep it on the road. Follow these tips, and you’ll have everything you need to bring your truck back to life and running like new.


Truck Upgrades

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