The Many Uses of Al’s and XO2

We say it all the time but still find it very difficult to drive home all the uses of our X-02 Formulation. With X-02 not having the hazardous content that you see with many coatings of its type and not having difficulty being applied in various climates (temperature, humidity). X-02 can be used for virtually anything. Check out the pics of an Al’s Customer that applied Al’s Liner to his trailer floor using a brush and roller.

Tom from North Carolina bought an Al’s Liner Kit from 4 Wheel Parts in Charlotte, NC. Went to a local automotive paint provider and picked up 8 ounces of Viper Red toner and custom colored his Al’s Liner to apply to the floor of his trailer. This trailer will be used for Tom’s Carpet Installation Services and he was looking for an inexpensive way to protect his investment