Having issues with air compressor capacity and over-spray?  Some applicators have picked up the Al’s Liner Spray Gun. It is similar to the larger Scorpion Hopper Gun. The Al’s Gun operates at 7 CFM, 25-50 PSI. This will allow you to work off of a smaller compressor for mobile applications and can be used to get into tighter spray areas. With a 6MM spray nozzle, it will also make it easier to get a tighter spray pattern. At less than $60 it is an inexpensive addition to your bed liner application tools.

For all of you that are spraying jeep tubs, automotive interiors or anywhere you need some additional heat control, check out Al’s HNR. HNR is a ceramic based heat shield that is used as underlayment for the bed liner to block heat transfer from transmissions and exhaust for interior automotive applications. HNR can be used on virtually any substrate to provide heat and noise control. Contact your Scorpion or Al’s Representative for details.