Additives Used in Canada

Scorpion XO2 Rubber Additive

Over the 25 years that XO2 truck bed liner has been professionally sprayed there have been many things added into the mix with the XO2.

Things like Vinyl Flattener to make the XO2 harder and less glossy or the accelerator to speed up the cure.

I think though that the most popular additive, and my favorite, is the fine rubber crumb, which is measured as minus 30 mesh size.  The opening between the wires of a screen – term commonly used to describe or measure the size of crumb rubber. Crumb rubber is sized by the screen or mesh through which it passes in the production process. The finer the screen/mesh the more openings it will have per linear inch, i.e. 30 mesh means there are 30 holes or openings per linear inch. The greater number of openings, the smaller the material must be to pass through the screen. A minus “-” symbol refers to material that has passed through the screen, i.e. -30. Technically crumb rubber sizes are expressed in two numbers. The second number is preceded by a plus (+) symbol and indicates the size particle that has been retained on the screen.

The fine rubber crumb is best described as rubber powder. It can be used as a filler to give you more sprayable product but it also gives what I think is the perfect texture.

With each gallon of XO2 you can add a quart of fine rubber crumb, so with a 2 gallon kit this gives you an extra half gallon of material to spray out. This gives the truck bed or rocker panels or bumper extra durability as well as it allows the product to be applied a bit thicker.

Check out the attached pictures of a truck bed sprayed by Mark from Hutchinson’s Restorations in Elliot Lake, Ontario. Once Mark started spraying with the fine rubber additive he never looked back.


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