Let’s face it guys, we love to accessorize our vehicles. A man in a vehicle accessory store is like a kid in a candy store or woman in a shoe store. Of all the vehicles, pickups must be the most fun when it comes to shopping around for new truck accessories. 

The market for pickup truck accessories seems to be endless, so where do you begin?

Most guys will start with a new set of wheels. Rugged off road tires for the man who loves to use his pickup for adventure travel or a set of low profiles for the city slicker.

Many pickup truck accessories are designed purely for aesthetics, while others add practical value to the truck. Some do both, these are the most popular.

Getting your pickup truck looking great is one thing, but remember your truck works hard for you. The bed is what makes a pickup what it is, so choosing truck bed accessories is pretty important.

Of all the accessories for truck beds, there’s one thing that no pickup should be without and that’s a bed liner.

When you collect your shiny new pickup from the dealer it’s your pride and joy and you want it stay that way for a long time. Anyone who owns a pickup will know that the first time you load anything into the back of your truck, it starts to show signs of wear.

Over time scratches and dents develop and it’s an inevitable result of normal use.  This is unsightly and will eventually lead to rust.  So, the first Scorpion accessory that you fit to your new pickup truck should be a good quality truck bed liner.

A professional body shop can supply you with a spray on truck bed liner and your truck will be back in service immediately. This will provide a durable surface, resisting scratches, cushioning it from dents and keeping it looking as good as new for many years. The bed liner can even be sprayed to match the color of your truck.

Before you consider any other pickup truck accessories, make sure your truck’s bed is protected. This will keep it looking great and help the truck keep its value, meaning that you’ll get a good return on your investment when the time comes to sell.