Accelerate Cure Time of Scorpion Bed Liner

We brag about the versatility of Scorpion’s XO2 Bed Liner and Protective Coating.  It can be customized to countless forms.  Colors, textures, and non-skid aggregates are all examples of ways to customize XO2.  For all its benefits, there is one truth…… is a slow dry coating. (45 minutes for tack free- 48 hours limited duty).

BUT, we can ease that problem with a simple additive. ACCELERATOR


Scorpion Accelerator is a simple and cost effective option when you want to speed up the cure time.  By using this additive, we can speed up the cure time by nearly 50%.

It is a great option for cold weather applications.  During the hot and humid Summer months, you may not even notice the cure time.  When the cold temps set in during Winter, it can drastically slow down and believe me, you will notice!  The colder temps can drastically alter the curing process slowing down the time before a truck bed can be returned to service.

Check out what one of our customers says about Scorpion Accelerator.


My name is Adam Scanlan and I am the owner of Tricked Out Car Sales, LLC. I have been using Scorpion products for about 5 years now. My shop is in central Indiana with cold temperatures in the winter months, we noticed the X02 taking a little longer to have a final cure time than we would like to see. Our solution to the problem after talking with Scorpion Technical Reps, was to try the accelerator. This solved all the problems we were having and has been a great fix to our problem. We have since started using it on every liner in the winter months and time sensitive projects when we need the liner to harden in a shorter period of time. I would recommend accelerator to anyone in cold climates or time sensitive projects.