A Truck Bed Liner that is Versatile

We have always bragged about the versatility of Scorpion’s XO2.  Really, XO2’s  only limitation is that of the sprayers imagination and creativity.  There are endless options to create a unique  look and offer the ability to customize your customers vehicles to match their vision and style.  

Truck bed liners are simple.  Simple in what they do, simple and why they are installed, and simple in how they look.  




Simple is fine, but it does not have to be simple.   Again, simple is fine and there is not a thing wrong with a black truck bed liner.  A simple black truck bed liner probably accounts for more than 95% of those in service today.  It is by far and away the most common liner in service and can be found in pickup trucks, service trucks, and utility body’s across the world.  


Simple Does Not Alway Cut It…


Truck and car enthusiasts don’t alway want simple.  Lucky for them, Scorpion Truck Bed Liners offers our applicators the power to create with our XO2 product.  

Scorpion’s XO2 can be customized in numerous ways.  One of the most common customizations we are seeing right now is color matching the truck bed liner to paint of the rest of the vehicle.  This option creates a unique look that allows the bed liner to blend in with the rest of the truck and is very subtle.  To the casual observer, they may not even notice that a protective liner is ever there.  Most likely, they would notice when they rub their hands across the liner and feel the texture and durability at their fingers.  

With Scorpion XO2,  this is not your only way to customize or spice up the truck bed liner.  We use the versatility of XO2 to offer a metal flake additive to add even more customization.  This application can range from subtle to LOUD in its appearance.  This is accomplished with application technique.  Imagine a red truck with a black truck bed liner that has red metal flake embedded into the black liner.  Another popular option is to color match the bed liner to the paint of the truck and then add the top coat of metal flake as a accessory color.  Again, let me remind you that your options are really limitless.


Scorpion never said truck bed liners need to be boring.  We can spice it up and make it unlike anyone else’s bed liner.  Call us or reach to one of our installer to make your bed liner unique!  (800) 483-9087