In the nearly twenty five years that Scorpion has been in the bed liner business, we have heard and seen just about everything when it comes to coatings and bed liners.  We have heard it all, both the truths and myths!  


The Truths!  

The Myths! 


In this blog post, I am going to discuss some of the more common myths that we hear at Scorpion HQ!   


It is only for truck bed liners


False, we use Scorpion Protective Coatings in numerous applications.  Some of the largest EMS and Fire Truck manufacturers in the world use the Scorpion Bed Liner material for some purpose.  The trailer industry is a fabulous partner to Scorpion and numerous military applications are applied every year.  




  • Containment
  • Non-Slip
  • Corrosive Barrier
  • Blast Proofing




Color Stability Cost More Money


If you have a truck bed liner sprayed in black, you would expect it to still be the same color in a couple years.  Now, let me say that everything does lose the battle to Sun at some point and the UV Rays are always victories.  But, I bet that if you have a Scorpion Truck Bed Liner and 7-8 years after it has been sprayed, it still looks like a similar color.  No chalk board look to the finish.  Not faded out and dull after a year.   Should this UV stability cost the consumer more money?  Should the consumer have to return to the installer once a year for a top coat?  


Scorpion’s XO2 does a better job with UV stability than anyone else in the market and it is part of our standard bed liner material.     


A harder finish means a tougher bed liner


Sometimes things are not as they seem.  This is one of those cases that can be confusing.  Just because the finish of a bed liner or a protective coating has a hard to the touch feel, that does not mean it is going to be more durable than one that does quite feel as hard.  Scorpion’s XO2 will be extremely competitive in nearly every ASTM durability test.  But, the proof is in the pudding and we have seen it many times.  A 100% solids bed liner can crack during a high impact. Whereas the Scorpion 85% solids content bed liner will offer a slightly bit more flexibility and elongation that can absorb the impact intact.   


Adding bed liners to your business is expensive


Scorpion is around today because we found a way to spray a quality truck bed liner with-out the need for a thirty thousand dollar machine.  



Now, we do sell high pressure machines and chemicals, but our staple product is XO2.  In some settings, you MUST have dry components immediately as the progress down the assembly line. Or they are sprayed and must be immediately packed onto a semi trailer for traverse across the county.  In these cases, XO2 might not be right for you, but if you need the fast dry bed liner, be prepared to invest up to $30K to get started.  

Starting with XO2 (assuming you already own and operate a shop)  just a few hundred dollars will get you in the game and rolling truck bed liners out the door.  


A colored truck bed liner is not durable


Some think that if a colored truck bed liner isn’t durable enough because it has a paint coat over the top!  This is true for some bed liner companies, but not Scorpion.  With the XO2 batch mix system, it is tinted to the color you want!  (Color matching the bed to the paint code is very popular right now).  Thus, the batch of bed liner material is mixed in a way that the entire batch is the color that you are spraying.   Later on, if someone was to paint over the liner, yes, it will be susceptible to having the paint chipped away and the liner underneath showing through.  


Extensive Training is Required


Spraying Scorpion XO2 is rather easy.  Yes, of course you want some training, but getting started takes less than a day.  Simple equipment, easy to use material, and no intricate pump to worry about equals spraying beds and making money!