Do you ever stop and think about the integrity of your truck bed?  If you are like most people, your truck bed is only thought about when there is a problem with it or its performance.  Without a doubt, your truck bed takes more abuse than any other part of the truck.  With all of today’s advance technology, the OEM’s would have you believe that their truck is indestructible. As the OEM’s continue to battle it out over aluminum vs steel bodies all we can do is wait and continue to offer the best quality spray in bed liner available.   Below are the 3 reasons why we feel a spray in bed liner is worth the investmenbdealt.

Abuse Protection

We know that a pickup truck’s bed is what makes it, well, a pickup. Many truck buyers’ livelihoods depend on hauling things in their truck beds.  Why not protect it from abuse and the elements?  A scratch in the clear coat and paint down to bare metal is the beginning point of corrosion.  Continuous exposure to the elements compound the corrosion.

Protect your Cargo

With their anti-skid surfaces, spray in bed liners reduce cargo movement in your truck bed. This protects your cargo from sliding around and becoming damaged. It will prevent cargo from sliding and crushing your headboard in the event you must stop quickly.  They also act a shock absorbents and reduces vibrations that could also damage cargo.durab

Any Truck Any Size

Unlike the drop-in style, a spray in bed liner will not shift or move in your truck bed.  These drop-in style liners will appear to be snug, but don’t be fooled, because they are shifting.  This movement is going to cause long term and permanent damage to your truck bed.  With a spray in liner, it is conformed to the shaped and angles of your truck bed giving you long lasting protection.  Spray your truck bed and forget about it!

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