From docks to houseboats and working boats such as commercial or fishing fleets; the job of keeping all of your marine surfaces and vessels “water-tight” is very important. Water, though it may seem totally harmless, can actually cause a lot of damage – not just to the surface of your boat, but it can also be a dangerous substance that causes people to slip, fall, and get hurt.

You need to create a surface that provides both protection and grip – and as you know, not all marine vessels come with this. You need a durable, reliable marine coating.

Here are 3 reasons why:

1. To Prevent Damage

Marine-craft take a heck of a beating. You need a tough exterior layer to protect the surface underneath from being exposed to moisture. If given the opportunity, moisture will creep deep into woodwork making it swell, or on to metal surfaces, causing rust and corrosion. Even a small scratch can give moisture an opportunity to start doing its damage. If the surface is coated with an extremely tough exterior layer, the elements don’t stand much of a chance at causing damage.

2. To Prevent Fading

A colorfast marine coating is imperative. The last thing you need is to have the color start fading before you even get a whole season out of your hard work. All marine equipment is an investment in time and money. It all starts with protecting the surfaces from the damaging effects sun and moisture can have, if left unchecked. Getting years of service from your hard-earned investment takes proper ongoing care and maintenance using products specific for the job.

3. To Prevent Slipping

A non-skid surface is important when applying a marine coating to things such as docks and boat decks. Any way you cut it, somebody slipping on your dock could put a damper on a fun weekend outing. Your boat deck, as well, can suddenly turn into a nightmare waiting to happen if not properly coated with a non-slip surface. Besides the obvious hazards of falling on a boat, it can be just as easy for someone to fall overboard. A rescue of one of your passengers will turn an otherwise fun adventure into a horrible experience!

When protecting your water-bound investment, you need a marine coating that can be applied to virtually any surface including wood, fiberglass, and metals.

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