Project for the Vehicle During the Coronavirus

DIY Bed Liner


During these times you are probably looking for something to do.  You need entertainment but it would be nice if you could accomplish something as well.  Have you considered spraying your own truck bed liner? Scorpion Protective Coatings’ DIY truck bed liners are made for the weekend warrior that does not have the industrial equipment to spray your typical bed liners.  


A quality DIY truck bed liner is something that you can take pride in knowing that you accomplished it.  Our Shake & Shoot Bed Liner kits are easy and extremely durable. Al’s Liner is a division of Scorpion and we have been in the bed liner game for over 26 years.   We offer the whole ballgame when it comes to truck bed liners and coatings.


  • High Pressure Pumps
  • Cartridge
  • Batch Mix
  • Shake & Shoot
  • Rollable


All of the above mentioned bed liner and coating options have advantages.   But for a DIY’er you would never purchase an expensive pump to spray your own bed liner (unless you have Bill Gates money) in which case I would love to sell you about 25 pumps…….


Now for the rest of us DIY’er, take a look at Scorpion XO2 and the Al’s Liner Shake & Shoot.  


The Scorpion XO2 bed liner is a batch mix system that does not require expensive machinery to apply.  We have taken simple gravity fed hopper style guns and modified them to meet our needs. With the batch mix system, you get an extremely durable bed liner.  The versatility of XO2 is unmatched.  

  • color match
  • metal flake
  • nonskid surface
  • UV stable



Scorpion Protective Coatings was founded with XO2.  We broke into the bed liner market in 1996 with this product and it remains our staple product all these years later.   



Shake & Shoot

The Al’s Liner Shake & Shoot kit is a true DIY’er delight.  These kits are extremely easy to use and require minimal air compressor limits.  They are simple….just like the name, You Shake, and the You Shoot. To apply this style of kit, we use very simple undercoating guns.  

The Shake & Shoot kits come in multiple color options, we offer black, white and tint-able.  The tint-able is a way to color match or spray any custom color you like.  Shake & Shoot is a 2 part urethane protective coating that can be used in a variety of applications including: auto, commercial, and residential. It has excellent UV, abrasion, and chemical resistance properties.  

When looking for things to do during the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, think about your trucks and jeeps.  Finding a productive outlet for yourself during this time can go a long way in helping you maintain your mental health.  Here in Indiana, our state leadership is encouraging its citizens to be outside, as long as they continue to practice social distancing.   Yep, that is right, we are now using terms like social distancing.