Living in Uncertain Times


We are seeing things most have never seen before in our lifetime.  Unless you have a considerable number of years under your belt, this is a first.  In my lifetime, I remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. I can remember tuning in time to see the second play strike the tower.  It was unclear to me at the time how our lives would never be quite the same.  Even today, 19 years later my memories of that day are vivid and clear.  Our lives are still effected by that day all these years later.    


The coronavirus pandemic feels the same, but instead of one massive day of trauma, it is day after day of trauma.  For those not directly affected ( this number is growing by the minute) watching and wondering what is really going on can be a mind numbing experience. We want to do whatever we can do to help you through these times and right now, the best thing we can to is continue to stay open and get you the products you need that will help you put food on your table.      


The Team at Scorpion is committed to doing whatever we can through this time to help our loyal and dedicated partners. 


Currently, we have multiple special and promotions going on for window film products and epoxy products.  We are also offering shipping discounts on bed liner products with marketing packages consideration. 


It is not much, but we are trying to help in small ways.  


Now is also a good time to remind you of our special formulations of XO2.  We offer both a fire retardant (FR) formulation and zero biological growth (ZBG)formula.  


The FR formulation is FAA approved as a self extinguishing formulation.


The ZBG coating contains all the characteristics of Scorpion XO2 , but has a low free carbon nature that makes it difficult for any biological growth to live on the finished surface.

This anti-microbial coating has long been popular with our ambulance manufacturing partners.

Taking the simple, easy and extremely durable coating like Scorpion’s XO2 and adding an anti-microbial additive is very useful in times like these. 


Other things from Scorpion


Our understanding is that a great majority of film manufacturers and supplier do not have film at the current time.

Our shipping department is open and active.  We have window film and lots of it. Let us help you get what you need in this trying time and if it is the ability to still make money, we are here for you.