Time To Protect Your Truck Bed

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Scorpion Truck Bed Liners 

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Tax seasons mean one thing: people are buying new trucks. Be sure to give your truck extra protection with durable bed liners from Scorpion. Scorpion is the global market leader in providing the toughest and most durable bed liners. Since 1996, the family-owned business has been dedicated to providing simple, effective, and durable truck bed liners to suit customer specific needs and ensure your truck stays intact for a longer period. With over 700-trained installers in 50 states, you not add style to your truck but also become part of the fastest growing truck bed liner and protective coating business.

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  • Durability: Scorpion bed liners are made from the highest quality polyurethanes, one of the most volatile plastic materials made from organic chemical reactions.  This tough and virtually impenetrable material resists both moisture and rust ensuring that your bed liner stands up to spills from chemicals or moisture keeping the truck bed free from rust.
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  • UV Color stability: Unlike other bed liners, which you regularly change after fading, Scorpion bed liners are fitted with resin to prevent them from fading after exposure. Scorpion bed liners are designed to withstand cracks of fall apart in extreme weather conditions.
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  • Custom texture options: the texture for the bed liners varies from glass-smooth to aggressive giving you an option based on the type of cargo. Scorpion understands that not all truck beds should look the same. This allows them to produce bed liners with varying colors such as black, grey, and desert sand.